Health Education & Advocacy

Learn About Epilepsy, Today!

Education and First Aid Training 

Our educational programs teach individuals how to recognize and provide appropriate first aid for seizures. It dispels myths surrounding epilepsy to mitigate the fear and misunderstanding that often surrounds this condition and that may have negative social, emotional, and professional consequences for individuals with epilepsy.  

Health Educator Rachel at Green Meadow Elementary (2023)

Educational programs can be provided free of charge to:

  • K-12 Students 
  • College classes and groups 
  • School Personnel 
  • School Nurses 
  • Transportation Personnel 
  • Professional Organizations
  • Childcare Agencies 
  • First Responders 
  • Affected Families 
  • The public! 

Each program covers the basics of seizures, seizure recognition, seizure first aid, and seizure emergencies. Each program is tailored to fit the general needs and ideas of each group. School-aged programs are tailored to an age-appropriate level of information.  

Most educational programs are an hour long. 

Educational webinars focused on a specific topic related to epilepsy are provided every quarter virtually.

Webinar topics are different every quarter and while hosted by EFNENY, are provided by different subject matter experts primarily within the capital region.  

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fact: Epilepsy can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time.