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June 1 in 26- Meet Brice Skiff.

Brice Skiff was diagnosed with tonic-clonic seizures at the age of eleven. Now as a sixteen-year-old at Colonie Central High School where he just finished his sophomore year, Brice chooses to advocate for epilepsy awareness and educate his peers.

Brice does not allow his diagnosis to limit his goals and accomplishments. Brice recently celebrated his 16th birthday by hosting a Sweet Sixteen party with friends and family. In lieu of gifts, Brice asked guests to consider donating in his name to the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York. With the help of his friends and family members, Brice was able to raise over $500 for EFNENY! He stated that he decided to do this birthday fundraiser because “my birthday seemed like a good way to have fun and make a difference at the same time.”

Brice’s accomplishments do not stop there. He recently got accepted into the Capital Region BOCES Pet Tech program where he plans to receive a valuable education and experiences for his future career path where he would like to work with animals. Outside of school, Brice is also accomplished in his extracurricular activities. He loves sports and is a black belt in karate!

Alongside the many goals Brice accomplished during his journey with epilepsy, he has also overcome several challenges. For example, due to his epilepsy, he faces daily hurdles including while participating in sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball, as well as practicing karate. Brice must be diligent in monitoring his epilepsy while playing these sports by remembering to stay hydrated and taking breaks when needed during games. Brice says he prioritizes not letting his seizures stop him from doing what he loves.  

Now seizure-free since August 2022, Brice educates his peers and helps continue the mission of EFNENY by raising funds to donate to the organization.

What does Brice wish Others to Know About Epilepsy? “Sometimes it is hard to have epilepsy, but I try not to let it stop me from doing what I love”.

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