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July 1 in 26- Meet Samantha Mayo

Samantha Mayo was diagnosed with tonic-clonic seizures at the age of eighteen. Now seven years seizure-free, Samantha aims to educate her community about epilepsy and advocate for change.

At the beginning of Samantha’s epilepsy journey, she found her diagnosis came with new difficulties and challenges. She had fears and uncertainty about if or when she might have a seizure.

As time went on, she worked with her neurologist to find the proper anti-seizure medication and supplements leading to the present day where Samantha’s epilepsy is now controlled. Samantha tries her best to look on the bright side as she stated “Things could always be worse! I feel blessed to have a full life!”. Samantha is a member of multiple EFNENY support groups including the Women’s Support Group and Studio E Art Therapy program. These groups help attendees relate to one another through the common struggles they may face.

Through workbooks, journaling, meditation apps, and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos, Samantha has reduced her anxiety around her epilepsy. Samantha is an active member of her community. She sings in her church choir and participates in Hi-5 Sports throughout the year. For the past 6 years, Samantha has been employed at the YMCA as an activity assistant/camp counselor in Childcare. She is passionate about her career and has found a supportive second family within her work community.

Samantha advocates for epilepsy awareness and education.  She is an active participant and sponsor of the annual Walk to END EPILEPSY each year. Samantha encourages members from her tight-knit support group to get involved at this event, including friends, co-workers, and family.

What does Samantha wish Others to Know About Epilepsy? “You can lead a happy, healthy life despite having this disease. Epilepsy doesn’t define who I am. Do not be afraid to talk about Epilepsy.”

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